My iPhone is tethered to my Mac laptop via Bluetooth or USB.

I want to set up a proxy on my Mac for use with the iPhone network interface, but unfortunately in Mac OS X 10.6, under System Preferences -> Network, the iPhone Bluetooth and iPhone USB network interfaces lack the standard options under the Advanced… tab. These Advanced… options are available in other interfaces (e.g., Airport, Ethernet, etc.).

I want to use the polipo caching proxy for tethered browsing, but I am unable to define an HTTP Proxy in the GUI, since these options are missing.

The prefpane windows for my tethered iPhone's network interfaces (Bluetooth & USB) is missing the normal options for network interfaces.

Does anyone know a command line workaround for setting up an HTTP proxy, or some way of modifying the prefpane settings for the iPhone network interfaces?


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You can use the networksetup command. For example:

sudo networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxy "iPhone USB" localhost 8888

Take a look at http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man8/networksetup.8.html

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    Here are some more examples for google to index: sudo networksetup -setwebproxy "Bluetooth PAN" localhost 8118 and sudo networksetup -setsecurewebproxy "Bluetooth PAN" localhost 8118
    – mblakele
    Jul 28, 2015 at 16:04

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