I am moving from Thunderbird to Mac mail on my iMac running OSX. If I uninstall Thunderbird will the local folders I created in Thunderbird remain on my computer for importing later? I don't want to bring all of them over now, but would like to have the option of doing so at a later date. I don't want to uninstall Tbird and then have the local folders disappear.

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    How will you uninstall Thunderbird?
    – mmmmmm
    Sep 5, 2012 at 0:15

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All your Thunderbird data, including the local mail data is stored in the Profile folder, located either at ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/<Profile name>/, or "~/Library/Application Support/Thunderbird/Profiles/<Profile name>/.

Deleting the Thunderbird app won't delete any of the data there, unless you use a 3rd party uninstalled app like AppZapper. You can of course make a manual backup of those folders for added safety.

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