How can I get an iPhone to work in Israel and also transfer to it all the music and apps from my iPod?

I bought an unlocked 3GS iPhone and brought it to Israel. Initially, I put in my SIM card (from the company Cellcom) and it worked. Then, in order to get my apps and music, I restored the phone through Apple's service. After I did that, the SIM card no longer worked on the phone. I had no success unlocking the phone, so I am returning it to the seller. My question is: what kind of phone should I get, and how can I transfer my apps and music to it without losing the ability to put in a SIM card?


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You need to buy officially unlocked iPhone. There is no universal way to tell if particular phone is officially unlocked until you restore it in iTunes and it's still unlocked.

Here you can find countries/providers that sell unlocked phones if that could be of any hep to you.

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