My Apple Magic Trackpad has started to move the pointer on the screen with a jerky and jumpy way, that makes it difficult to use it (compared with the macbook pro mid 2010 17inch touchpad). How can I fix it, and why it appeared so suddenly? My operating system is Mac OS Mountain Lion. Thank you.


It seems that new Alkaline Batteries may do the trick.I was disappointed because after the replacement of the batteries the problem remained. But I see that after some time the trackpad returned to its previous good performance!


I removed the batteries and then I took a pencil with a soft pink eraser at the end and cleaned the contact inside the Magic Trackpad. Blew out any eraser left on the contact and put the batteries back (new to begin with). Immediate 90% improvement.

This helps since I am using a 30" monitor.

I have Magic Trackpads for all my other machines. No problems with them. Only this machine.

BTW, also tried resetting the PRAM, cleaning the surface of the Trackpad, changed the batteries, grounded myself, scrubbed my fingers clean, and turned off the internal backup (a hidden function for when the machine is not connected to a Time Machine drive).

Info: MacPro '06, 30" Cinema Display, 22 Gig RAM. 6 Gig internal storage, 11.5 total storage. 10.7.5


For me, turning Bluetooth off then back on did the trick for a very jerky cursor. Turning the trackpad off and on did not fix it.


One other thing to consider is to make sure nothing else is touching your magic trackpad, especially the Lightning cable that's used to occasionally charge it (or some may keep it permanently connected). I had a jumpy cursor suddenly and I couldn't figure out what it was until I noticed that part of the cord was very slightly touching the upper corner of the trackpad. Once I moved it out of the way, suddenly the cursor was behaving normally again. Just something else to consider for folks.

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