Would love to know if there is a way to switch all my current Terminal.app tabs to a different profile on the fly.

The use-case being to change Terminal profile from a dark to a light theme, and vice versa, depending on a user's current mood/preference. This can be achieved manually by right clicking on a Tab header and choosing "Inspect tab", and then changing the theme for each tab.

The other option is to close down all the open tabs and reopen them with a new theme, again suboptimal IMHO.

Hope someone has a better way :)

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Create an AppleScript like this one, and call it something like TerminalNightMode:

tell application "Terminal"
    set current settings of tabs of windows to settings set "Pro"
end tell

You can replace the "Pro" setting with the setting name of your choice. When you run this AppleScript, it will change the settings for all the tabs in all windows. I recommend putting this script on the dock for easy access. Likewise, you can make another script for day mode.

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