My wife and I use a blog on Blogspot to post pictures and videos of our kids for our far-flung relations.

Recently, we have had issues with posting videos from iPhoto to the blog. The blog uses a standard browser interface to get to the content.

After a lot of investigation, I found that the issue is that the iPhoto library (package) is exposing the thumbnail of the video to the interface, not the actual video. The website can't process the thumbnail as a video (obviously) and this is causing us all sorts of grief.

This apparently worked fine until a recent update within the past month or so (per my wife).

Is there any way around this or am I stuck with having to manually locate and migrate the files to a temporary folder so we can share them?

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Go to File > Reveal in Finder > Original File.

It will open a new Finder window with some obscure path, but don't worry, you don't really have to deal with that.

Just grab the file, drop it on the file dialog sheet...

Dragging file

and vuala! Your file has been selected. This little trick applies to any file and any native file dialog in OSX.

File selected

Quick and easy.

Note: As an extra tip, you can also drag the file directly to any "Choose File" button in Safari.

Choose file button accepting file

So there you go! First show the file, then drag it to the file picker. No temporary folders, moving or even remembering a path involved. Hope it helps!

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