I am currently running OSX Lion on my Mac and I do a lot of Rails development.

I am wondering if upgrading my system to OSX Mountain Lion is going to really mess up my Rails/Ruby work. I run Ruby off of RVM.

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I'm not sure about Ruby or Rails development specifically, but here's some things I had to do after upgrading to 10.8. See also this question and this blog post.

  • I had to install the command line tools package from Xcode's preferences. Xcode no longer includes separate binaries of the LLVM compiler or make or utilities like SetFile by default.
  • X11.app is no longer installed by default. Some Homebrew formulas required installing XQuartz.
  • Configuration files in /etc/apache2/ were removed or overwritten. See this question.
  • ImageMagick didn't work until I uninstalled and installed it again with Homebrew.

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