A desktop pager is a little program that sits in the corner or the dock, that allows me to switch desktops with a click, and drag windows between desktops.

Something like KDE had with kpager:

KDE kpager

Mission control is very nice, but it works better when you use a trackpad and not a mouse, and it can be quite an interruption. To move windows between desktops with key combos you need some acrobatics (click and hold titlebar, then ctrl+). With a pager, you could just fling the icon to a different desktop.

Is there a desktop pager for Mac OS (Lion)?


You can indeed use a mouse efficiently with Mission Control. Set any corner, preferably bottom, as the hot corner (System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners) for Mission Control. After that, it’s just simple drag and drop, and you can switch apps and desktops in under a sec, or 2 secs with a file being dragged.


There is also a shareware, totalspace which I found gives you the closest experience to unix-like pager.

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