I am trying to bring up LyX on a mac. One of the first things in the tutorial is to go look at the file named example_raw.lyx.

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I know the file is on my machine because I found it using terminal, i.e., find / name "example_raw.lyx" -print 2> /dev/null reveals that the file is in /Applications/LyX.app/Contents/Resources/examples.

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But, when I try to open it from the LyX GUI, there doesn't seem to be any way for me to navigate to the folder that contains the file -- everything inside /Applications is greyed out and denies any kind of clicking; I tried all thirty-two combinations of option, command, control, shift and double versus single clicking.

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I suspect this is more of a general question concerning the open-dialog on Mac. I am VERY NEW to the Macintosh GUI even though I know Unix well and Windows well. I'll take any solution to this problem, either specific or general: a way just to keyboard in the path I want, or some way to click around that will let me get to my stuff, or some LyX-specific solution that gets me access to their examples.

All this user-friendliness is frustrating :)

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If LyX utilizes the Open File dialog appropriately, you should be able to visit any path directly via the Finder shortcut G. Tab completion works in the resulting path dialog.

If LyX does not allow browsing via path, I would just copy the files to a temporary directory to bypass the difficulty.

Sidebar Mac OS is full of very handy keyboard shortcuts that work fairly consistently. See this link for a fairly comprehensive list. Since you're familiar with UNIX, it may help to note basic Emacs navigation also works in most text editing contexts--C-b, C-f,C-a,C-e, C-k, C-y.

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