I just found out that when you share a picture in iPhoto via email, the email screen does not go away until the photo has been completely emailed. This means, if its a large photo that I am trying to 'share', depending upon my bandwidth, it takes quite a while to send, during which, I cannot browse any other picture in iPhoto. Is there a way I can background the sharing via email process such that the email screen goes away as soon as I hit the send button and I can proceed on to share other emails. I am fine with the system queuing up the pictures to upload.

The iPhone does it very nicely. Seems like the programmers forgot this backgrounding feature in Mountain Lion...


I usually just switch to Mail, create a new mail there and drag the pictures I want to send from iPhoto into the new mail.

  • @ patrix That is perfectly possible and reasonable but I was looking at being able to do it from within iPhoto.
    – Regmi
    Aug 13 '12 at 21:00

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