I signed up with iCloud and I see that there is an @me.com email account associated with my account. I don't have any interest in using email with iCloud - I use gmail for email. Is there a way to remove email from my iCloud account all together?

Perhaps I am being paranoid, but I am afraid there might be security risks from having another email account around that might be used for Apple account change notifications. Since I never check that account I wouldn't know if something seemed wrong.

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It seems to be impossible to get rid of this account.

What I've done is:

  • Connect to my iCloud account (with my Apple ID, the same for the App Store and others).

  • Go to Mail.

  • In Preferences (top right), choose rules…

  • Add a rule to redirect all emails received at my @me.com address to my main email.

It can take several minutes to work, but I don't lose anything like that.

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    That sounds like a good suggestion. I will also forward me email from there. Thanks!
    – busyspin
    Commented Aug 7, 2012 at 15:16

go to Settings, mail, then Icloud, and turn off Mail

  • Perhaps this answer would be more helpful (and, in turn, get a slightly better vote count) if you explained exactly what effect this has and how it fixes busyspin's problem. In general, answers are better if you explain why they work.
    – user24601
    Commented Dec 22, 2014 at 3:39

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