I am really reckless and just dropped my ipod touch second time in past year and the screen is broken, I am not very keen on trying to replace it with flat fee, bacause I am sure it would happen again, what i want to ask is how resilient are the screens of iphone devices : iphone 3gs or iphone 4s, I am not sure about 3gs but it is fairly cheap where I live and 4s is too expensive howeever I already have shelved a lot of money trying to replace my ipod touch, I have a two year old wp7 device which is showing it's age so can anyone suggest a screen comparison, or buying a conver , protector is the last resort.


The strength of the screen was greatly improved in the 4s. The 3Gs broke quite easily and alot of people weren't happy with this. My 4s has taken a hammering and still looks (almost) as good as new.

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