How do I move from text item to text item using the keyboard in Powerpoint? (Apologies for the Windows keyboard terminology in the following)

  • tab just adds a tab, as does Shift + Tab, Control + Tab, and Alt + Tab. Windows + Tab switches application.
  • enter adds a newline, as does Shift + Enter and Control + Enter. Alt + Enter starts a presentation, as does Windows + Enter.

I tried looking at http://mac2.microsoft.com/help/office/14/en-us/powerpoint/item/13dfdf52-4ce3-4ec5-aeff-5b49f8392aea, but couldn't find what I wanted.

  • If someone reasonably experienced in keyboard shortcuts could confirm that there's no better options, I'd accept either their or my answer. – Andrew Grimm Aug 5 '12 at 23:38

Use altwindowsenter to indicate you've finished a piece of text and want to move on to the next section, possibly creating a new slide.

Use esc to escape from whatever you're editing, then use tab to move from text to text within a slide, and use Page Up and Page Down to move from slide to slide, and use Enter to start editing a text.

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