I just got a new Mac and it comes with Safari 6 installed. I've opened up the Safari 6 web inspector tools and now I can't find some of the tools I used before in Safari 5.

In Safari 5 you can press esc and have the console pop up and type in javascript. In Safari 6 I can't find it.

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The console still exists, but it has moved.

Click the speech bubble tab at the top of the sidebar on the left side of the screen and then click on the Current Log entry in the sidebar.

enter image description here

The keyboard shortcut to jump to this tab is cmd+opt+c.

Note that the quick console is always available at the bottom of the screen and can be enlarged by dragging its top border upwards.

I recommend giving the About Safari Web Inspector a good read to familiarize yourself with the new Dev Tools.

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    sorry for asking a question but cmd+opt+c is not really working for me... is there any other way?
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Open Safari and choose Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Then select the checkbox 'Show Develop menu' in menu bar.

Choose Develop > Show Error Console.


In Safari 10, how to get to the console a few ways:

right click "anywhere on the web page" -> "inspect" and the dev tools open up.

right click on toolbar (or "view" menu) -> customize toolbar, then add "inspect element" button. When you subsequently use it, it pops up the standard dev tools.

  • It is worth to mention that the inspect option in the context menu only appears if the main menu of development is enabled (as comments @Evangelin)
    – gmo
    Commented Apr 12, 2017 at 15:18

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