I am interested in purchasing a projector that has native resolution of 1024x768. The projector has HDMI connector and VGA connector. I want to connect it to my Mac Pro computer which has only DVI connectors.

Can I simply connect a DVI cable to my Mac and then attach this cable to the projector with a DVI/HDMI adapter?

Will this maintain high quality video?

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You can get DVI to HDMI adapters from around $4 online on Amazon, (just search for ‘DVI to HDMI’ on any online shopping site). As for the quality, most of the adapters that I have seen are able to do HD video and such.
Hope this helped!

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    HDMI is basically just DVI with sound, so yes, those adapters are simple passthrough, its just a case of remapping where some pins go. No quality is lost at all, it should be completely transparent (just no sound).
    – Caesium
    Aug 1, 2012 at 16:08

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