I have bought my mac last month, so I am eligible to get a free upgrade of Mountain Lion. As Apple stated - I have requested for my upgrade and it said you will be notified with your upgrade code. It's been 24+ hours and I have not received any mail from Apple. So, how much time they're taking to send a mail usually?


EDIT - There was some technical issue with the form on saturday. I called Apple Care and they've sent me the codes now.

Thank you all for help. Ak

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    Also, don't expect it to be as quick on weekends as other times.
    – GEdgar
    Jul 29, 2012 at 13:42

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My code came just 2 hours after the request, although it didn't work (was already used once)

Just write them an email to [email protected] and ask them there. I wrote them an email after getting the wrong code and they replied with a new code within a day.


Mine took about 3 days. The entire thing has been a bit of a shambles to be honest. I'd give them another couple of days then just get in touch with them.


Apple Support in Moscow said that it can take around 72 hours (I've got my after 3 days of waiting).


Check your spam folder too, in case it got sent there.

You should get two emails from [email protected], one with a pdf containing the code and one with a password to open the pdf (obviously, to the email that you used to on the up-to-date page).

And as others have said, it takes three days, and that probably won't include Saturday or Sunday.

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