I'd like to pin a URL to the Dock and have its icon be something meaningful or recognizable.

By default, the icon/shortcut is a generic spring icon, and in Yosemite it shows a globe.

enter image description here enter image description here

How can I create or modify a docked URL shortcut to be the site's favicon or an image I choose?

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  1. Move/drag the shortcut to the Desktop first

  2. Find an image (on the web, etc.) Open it in Preview, Select All, and Copy.

  3. Open Get Info on your shortcut on the Desktop. Select the current icon at the top left of this window. It will highlight to be blue.

  4. Command-V to paste the image over top of the icon.

  5. Close the properties window.

  6. Drag the shortcut icon to the Dock. Note that items can only be dropped between the trash can and the black divider line.


You can take it a step further too. If you have several shortcuts you would like to keep handy, create a folder. Using the same procedure as noted by in the previous answer you can change the folder's icon to anything you wish as well and then pin that to your Dock.

  • Create a Folder in a location of your choice (Documents is good)
  • Add your weblinks
  • Change the folder's icon in the same manner as previously described.
  • Drag the new folder to your Dock
  • Change the Display as and View content as to your liking.

Links folder


Set to Display as... Folder Otherwise you get a stack of icons... UGLY.

enter image description here

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    I would add a minor point, when you put it on the dock at the bottom you need to put it to the right of the little black line that is on the left of the trashcan and download folder. Basically you are creating a folder and thats where folders and files can be pinned to the dock. Great life hack though so thanks to the two posts above this one.
    – user189452
    Jun 23, 2016 at 11:44

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