Mountain Lion introduced a feature where you can save your documents to iCloud instead of local storage.

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I don't ever see myself using it, is there a way to disable this (but I don't want to disable iCloud entirely)?


Actually I found there's a switch in System Preferences > iCloud > Documents & Data

enter image description here

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  • In Mavericks, in the dialog shown above, next to Documents & data there is a button marked Options which allows you to disable TextEdit only from iCloud. Hooray! – user71488 Feb 26 '14 at 10:55

If you don't want to uncheck Documents & Data from System Preferences, there is also an unexposed preference that disables showing the iCloud-centric open dialog when there are no open windows:

defaults write -g NSShowAppCentricOpenPanelInsteadOfUntitledFile -bool false

It makes TextEdit create an untitled document and Preview not open any window.

Unlike unchecking Documents & Data, it does not disable using the iCloud-centric open dialog when you for example press command-O.

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