What does the "..." button in the iTunes "Edit Smart Playlist" dialog do? And how is specifying a condition using that any different than a condition specified otherwise (by clicking the "+" button).

The only link I could find on that is iPod nano: Hierarchical Smart Playlists do not update on device and that doesn't clarify anything.

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The "..." allows to nest criteria for smart playlists.

Say you would like a smart playlist that contains all tracks from Bob Dylan or the Beatles with a score of 3 stars or better.

Without hierarchical rules you only have the options of getting the tracks that match all or any of your rules.

With hiearchical rules you can have the condition all on one level and any on another level.

It seems that nested rules exist since iTunes 9; see also a screenshot.

Here is my example:

Match all rules

  • Rating is greater than 3 stars
  • any of the following

    • Artist contains Bob Dylan
    • Artist contains Beatles
  • Thats just great! I wanted to get back some hard disk space and tried Merlin Mann's tricks (43folders.com/2006/11/10/smart-playlists-for-packrats) but wanted a greater flexibility in doing it. Hierarchical rules provided just that.
    – user2284
    Jan 3, 2011 at 14:55

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