Local storage

In some of my folder, I found something quite interesting:

Some folders have the `.DS_Store` but some does not

Network storage

.DS_Store files are not on the network store. Any reason?


  • The second question, about network storage, will be easier to answer if the file system type is known. In Terminal run a one-word command, mount to reveal the type. – Graham Perrin Jul 27 '12 at 4:06

Locally stored .DS_Store files

In brief

A common reason for presence of .DS_Store:

  • in Finder, a view is preferred.

Technical details

An answer to Why are dot underscore ._ files created, and how can I avoid them?:

  • I have tried to change using the 4 views, but no .DS_Store was created. – Howard Jul 27 '12 at 4:04

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