I'm looking for an app that let me copy multiple items from different locations and paste them at once, I have tried many clipboard managers but none of them let me to paste my whole clipboard history at once and I have to paste the items one by one which is not good at all.

Please help me if there is a clipboard manager or app (for Lion) that let me do that, thanks.


My favourite swiss army knife for OS X, LaunchBar, has clipboard history and management. In addition to being able to access historical, clipped information it can also do clip-merge. A quick double press of Cmd-C will merge the currently selected contents in to the current top-of-the-heap clipboard object for you, allowing you to paste them as one object with a single Cmd-V.

You can merge multiple items in the clipboard history by selecting the first one and doing Cmd-C and then selecting additional items and doing the quick, double press of Cmd-C. They'll all get merged in to the top item as expected.

  • The price of that tool for this functionality is too much. (and I am not interested in other features). It is very interesting why such a feature is not needed for mac users. – takacsot Nov 19 '18 at 21:18

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