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I'm using 10.7.4, and I use multiple desktops (in Spaces). When I switch between desktops, the dock does not change.

I open an application in Desktop 1 and its icon remains in the dock after I switch to Desktop 2.

What I want is I open an application in Desktop 1, its icon remains in Desktop 1's dock, When I switch to Desktop 2, Desktop 2's dock only has application icons that I open in Desktop 2.

Is it possible to do that; to have different desktops with different docks?

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Lion doesn't support that. It wasn't supported in Spaces under older versions of OS X, either.


I don't believe that is possible, even with third party software. DockSpaces used to do something similar (they recently dropped the feature), though the currently running applications did show in every dock on all spaces.

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