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Emptying the Trash: not working

Title mostly says it all. Nothing about my system has really changed that I can think of. I've been running Lion since shortly after its release, and I'm up to date on software updates.

I've restarted multiple times. I've done a permissions repair in disk utility. I can continue to put things in the trash, but I can't empty it. I've tried option-clicking the empty trash menu item (to skip the confirmation) as well as not doing that. Same result.

Every time, it just sits here:

can't empty my trash! :(

Clicking the X icon to cancel the operation doesn't close it, either. The only way to get the window to go away is to kill/relaunch finder.

I'm worried that the SSD is about to die -- but I haven't had any other warning signs. Fortunately I'm pretty good about backups. Between Time Machine and source control repos, I shouldn't lose anything if it were to die, but my free year of AppleCare is over very soon, so I want to get it addressed if it is a hardware issue.

Any advice?

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