I'd like to geo-tag some already-imported photos in Aperture.

To get the correct location, I'm using Google Earth. However, when I copy/paste the coordinates into Aperture Places, the maps shows a completely different location.

Here's an example. The coordinate is

4°15'13.02" N 118°38'00.54" E

I use this converter to get a LatLon coordinate

04.2536167°, 118.6334833°

but when I paste this value in Aperture, the Place doesn't match on the map. The location seems to be correct, because when I use this in Google Maps it shows the same point.

Any hint on geolocating a photo in Aperture?


An applescript to take care of this: http://www.underdoug.ca/2012/08/13/geotagging-with-google-earth-and-aperture/

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