Problem Synopsis: I have a WiFi router that can connect to a USB storage device and then allow access to that device over WiFi. I had once connected my Mac (OS X Lion 10.7.4) to such a storage device using the Finder's "Connect to Server" option. I am no longer using that setup but every time I login to my Mac (after a reboot) I get an error message that says:

There was a problem connection to router

router was the name I gave to my network share drive.

Attempted Fixes:

  1. I have explored my login items but cannot find an item that connects to "router". In fact the only login item I have is for iTunesHelper. This solution was suggested here.
  2. I have also cleared the list of "Recent Servers" from the Finder's "Connect to Server" menu.
  3. I removed the username/password for "router" from my keychain.

None of these solved the problem and my Mac still shows that message every time I login after a reboot.

Actual Question: Does anyone know how to disable this automatic connection at startup or remove this particular device from that list?

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