I use the Day One regularly and love it. I also write a lot (for work) and have found that Day One serif font and style making writing such a pleasure. I'd like to use the font in my other word processors (particularly Scrivener) and am willing to purchase it but can't figure out what it is. How would I go about finding out what it is?

  • I've emailed the app author but got no response from him.
  • I've poked around the Contents/Resources folder in the application but only found a fixed-with font.
  • Here is a screenshot (but I can't imagine that's very helpful). enter image description here I appreciate any leads.
  • I don't have a technical technique you can use to determine which font is used in the app, but it looks to me like it's Baskerville, which is included with OS X.
    – joelseph
    Jun 26 '12 at 1:24

This application on the web helped me out a couple of times:


Just take a screenshot of some words which are typed with a particular font (preferably with a big size) and upload the screenshot.

I am not affiliated with the site in any way, I'm just a satisfied user. Give it a try. Otherwise you could try to mail the developers of Day One.


It's either Hoefler Text or Baskerville. Check Preferences > Appearance to see which one is selected. I think both of them come with OS X, so you shouldn't have to buy anything.

enter image description here


I was looking for the main Sans font. which is probably Avenir




It's called "Anonymous Pro" on the iPhone app

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