I have an iPod Classic (the 160 gig one) that I use, and I want to have album art for all of the songs.

Problem is, I cannot just use the "Get Album Art" option on iTunes, because that will only find art for songs currently on that particular computer, and I have many songs on my iPod that are not on my computer.

Short of manually adding the art to every album (like I have been doing), is there a way I can get iTunes (or any other program) to go through my iPod and find the appropriate album art for the songs there?


There is no way for iTunes to know what is on your iPod if you manage it manually. So the answer is NO.

I assume you are aware that you risk losing all your iPod-only tracks in case your iPods breaks down, gets damaged or stolen. So it may be a good idea to get all tracks into iTunes (and your computer) anyway.

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