The situation: My HDD crashed, I didn't have any backups. I get a new SSD. I had my iPhone synced with the old HDD as usual.

The problem: How can I sync Apps/Music/Podcasts from my iPhone (where everything is normal) back to my Mac (where iTunes is clean)?

If I just check the boxes for synchronisation in the "new" iTunes, it will override the data on my iPhone.

The solution: ?


You can easily take a backup of your iPhone on your new Mac.

enter image description here

To transfer your media to your new iTunes, follow this tutorial in order to do so. If I understand your question correctly, this is what you need.

  • If I understand correctly, he cannot take an old backup since the HDD crashed. Now he wants to sync his iPhone to new iTunes setup (without losing all his data). – Loïc Wolff Jun 20 '12 at 9:24
  • Yes, he has to connect his iPhone to his new iTunes in which he will be able to take a backup from, by right-clicking the iPhone in iTunes and selecting Back Up – Michiel Jun 20 '12 at 9:27

You can transfer purchased apps or just re-download the latest versions from the App store. For music files on stock OS iOS devices, you may need to find a backup of your downloads somewhere (Time Machine, et.al.).

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