Use case: I often want to toggle between a podcast and a music playlist in iTunes. Say, while ironing I listen to a podcast, later when I do computer work I switch to music, then when unstacking the dish washer I want to go back to the podcast and after this, music is on again, etc, etc…

Is there a script or plugin for iTunes, which remembers track, position and library/playlist, so that I can switch back to it? Or is there another convenient way to achieve this?


It sounds like you are referring to something like a Smart Playlist. Smart Playlists organizes your songs more, based upon song type, last listened to, skip count, etc.


  • No it is not about smart playlists. It is about switching from one library to another (or a playlist) and being able to switch quickly back again. – halloleo Jun 21 '12 at 12:26

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