I got some home brew videos from my webcam, and I got a couple movies on the drive I'd like to burn to DVD. The thing is, I don't know what's a good product for that, being a recent Mac convert and formally a heavy Windows user.

I keep finding things about iDVD when I search but from further reading iDVD is no longer available. So doing a quick search on google you get your standard "This app will do it all" type sites, usually really crappy software so I don't want to waste 20, 50, 100+ dollars on an app that I'll use once in a blue moon or on an app that's actually worthless.

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    – GEdgar
    Jun 17, 2012 at 13:45
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    Jun 17, 2012 at 16:32
  • Most people will answer this question as if you were triying to burn data files ( that happen to be video files ) to a DVD-ROM. I'm sure you want to make a DVD-player-playable-movie DVD, in which case some convertion has to be done and even adding a menu. Am I wrong ? Aug 14, 2013 at 20:38

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If you're going to burn to DVD, you need a replacement for iDVD, and you don't want to spend beau coup cash, use Burn. Burn is free, and works swimmingly.

  • Great tool - just found it via this answer. It won't recode to fit a target size if your films are larger than the disc size, but other than that it does everything that you need for making simple DVD from MP4 videos.
    – stuffe
    Feb 14, 2014 at 21:37
  • I see a "64-bit" and a generic for Burn (and a G3). And both are more six years old and reference 10.3.9. Will it still work on 10.13.2? Will 64-bit be faster?
    – WGroleau
    Dec 28, 2017 at 18:39

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