Is there an app that allows me to search the mac dictionary from the menu bar? I thought spotlight was able to do this but it doesn't seem to work (in Lion) (I noticed Dictionary isn't even listed in spotlight preferences).

I (stupidly) forgot to mention that I forbade spotlight from indexing my main drive. I thought that would just keep it from searching my files and not affect dictionary search, but I'm guessing that they're all bundled up together.

  • The answer of @dave-delong gives as good solution but as today it is not possible to change a order of sections in spotlight search. So, I am also interested in an app which will give me a possibility to search from top menu bar directly. – Blazej SLEBODA Aug 9 '17 at 7:18

Spotlight can do this. You just need to hover your mouse over the "Look Up" entry:

enter image description here


Spotlight is able to search in you dictionary. Just make sure it is selected in System Prefernces -> Spotlight

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