I visited the Wikipedia page about Final Cut Studio, which is apparently aimed at professional movie studios. The page says that it's now only available via a 1-800 number, but the link to the official page for Studio at Apple now points at Final Cut Pro X. Also, the prices are wildly different. $299 for Pro X. Around $800 for Studio according to some results on Google.

Is Studio an old, retired product and the high end editor suite is now Pro X (with an apparent huge slash in price), or am I missing something?

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Yes. Final Cut Pro X is the new high-end professional video editor. When it was released, the pro video editors revolted, as they rewrote Final Cut Pro, changed the interface, and took out a lot of features they relied on. So, if you're a pro and you want to spend a lot of money on the old version, you call Apple and make an arrangement.

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