Does anyone know from a trusted source if the new MacBook Pro 13" (2012) has SATA III? On Google, some places said SATA II and couldn't find any info on Apple's site.

I also have one more question: if I connect an SSD (external case) on USB 3.0 will it be faster than a 5400 RPM on USB 3.0?

  • Or maybe any links to detailed specifications? Like cpu model etc.
    – latusaki
    Jun 14, 2012 at 15:16

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Panther Point has 6GBit/s ports. There is zero reason for Apple not to utilize them. I know this is not a perfect answer but this is all I can help.

SSD is much faster on USB 3.0 than a HDD. I would recommend reading this -- disregard the UASP part, it still gives you lot of benchmarks of running an SSD over USB 3.0. You can clearly see speeds well above 200 MB/s. There is no mechanical (notebook) drive that can do much more than 100 MB/s. Not the Savvio, not the Spinpoint M8, nothing. It simply doesn't and cannot happen.

Edit: StorageReview mentions this Hitachi DeskStar being the fastest mechanical drive of all and it barely clears 150 MB/s.

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