When I open the Outlook window, the topmost message (the most recent) becomes selected. I've got Outlook set to automatically mark messages as read when selected, so it becomes read. This is a problem if I accidentally open Outlook and don't notice this has happened; I've missed emails before because of this.

How do I make Outlook 2011 keep the selected message the same between closing and reopening the message window?

Basically, I want Outlook's mail selection to behave like Mail.

Because Mail is the best mail client ever. Too bad Outlook's calendar is so much better than iCal, or I'd use Mail and iCal.

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In Outlook Preferences, select the Reading pane, then select option under Mark Mail as Read that says "Only when opened in separate window".

That will make sure you actually read the message.

Screenshot of Mac Outlook preferences showing the relevant option being discussed. It's the first settings group at in the Readin pane of the preferences window.

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