My mac (OsX 10.7) try to connect to a disabled server at startup. How to remove /delete this auto connection (that fail each time) ? Thanks

  • You might want to provide some more background on what your computer is trying to do. Connecting to a disabled server doesn't explain what kind of connection, how do you know this is happening, etc. – Martin Marconcini Jun 11 '12 at 13:53

My guess would be that there is a login item for the dead server. To Remove it access Systems preferences via:

-> System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Choose your user -> Login items ->

Select the Dead Server and press "-" to remove it.

Login Items

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  • This worked for me. A slightly different variant I had was, I had a folder on a remote server (that was no longer connected) in my Favorites column on Finder, so instead of FS showing up in the example above, I had a folder called "My_Photos" that I needed to remove. – bradleybossard Jan 30 '14 at 17:32

I solved this by going to Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server (command-K). In there was a "Favorite Server" that was the culprit. Removed it and the problem went away.

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On newer Mac hardware, you may also get this from the Remote Disk settings. You can fix this by unchecking the Remote Disk box in the Finder Favorites under devices.

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