I've been try to download Xcode for work, but for some reason the Mac App Store is giving me a bit of trouble. Activity monitor shows some network usage, but in Launchpad it seems the download isn't moving.

When I go to the purchases panel of the Mac App Store, I see this.

xcode problem

No status, no pause button, in fact - the button has no text on it! I've tried restarting the App Store, restarting my computer, even removing the com.apple.appstore folder in /var/folders but alas, no luck.

Can anyone diagnose the issue? When I removed com.apple.appstore, Xcode still showed up on Launchpad, and clicking on it did nothing - it was frozen in time. So can I kill off this partial download and start new?

  • Im curious, how does the 'other purchases' area show up? As in, whats the difference between that and purchases? – jmlumpkin Jun 8 '12 at 11:58
  • @jmlumpkin I have absolutely no idea – Jordan Scales Jun 8 '12 at 15:38
  • I have the same sort of problem. What are these "other purchases" and why is the button blank and unclickable? – matt Jun 13 '12 at 2:45

As near as I can tell, this might be a Hidden Purchase. Choose Store > View My Account, where you can see hidden purchases. You may be able to cancel or unhide the download from there.

  • We have a winner! This worked to resolve the same issue I had with the Mountain Lion download. – lid Jun 13 '12 at 16:16

I always start by searching for "troubleshoot" in the help menu for the App. You will get this link:


There are several things that could be going on, but I would follow this link - that has the easy steps to try and then an Apple support link where they can perhaps look at the server side or walk you through cleaning folders by hand in terminal if needed.


sudo find /var/folders/ -ipath '*com.apple.appstore*' -print

should show you App Store related cache files.

sudo find /var/folders/ -ipath '*com.apple.appstore*' -print | xargs sudo fgrep -i xcode

should show you any of those files which are related to XCode.

You could run

sudo find /var/folders/ -ipath '*com.apple.appstore*' -delete

which will DELETE all of the files that it finds (not just the xcode ones!) but that shouldn't be a big deal. I would expect the App Store.app would re-create any files it needs if they are not found in /var/folders/.

I ran it it did not seem to cause any problems. As always, make sure you have a complete bootable backup before running any Terminal code suggested by some stranger on the Internet :-)

  • I had the same symptoms and reproduced the same way as @Richard Szaley (but with a different App redeemed from the the developer center)... unfortunately this suggestion did not resolve the issue. – lid Jun 13 '12 at 16:11

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