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How can I set caps lock to a more complex keystroke?

I lost the tab key on my macbook and since i rarely use the uppercase key i'm wondering if it is possibe to use it instead by remapping or else?


I installed KeyRemap4Macbook but can't figure out how to do it.

Thanks a lot


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In general, remapping a modifier key to another modifier key is relatively simple; Apple provides a system preference pane to do it. Remapping a standard key to another standard key is slightly more complicated, but easy enough by editing or creating a keyboard layout. The tricky part is converting a modifier key to a standard one, or vice versa. For that, you need a specialized program.

You will need a System Preference Pane called PCKeyboard Hack.

First, go the the Keyboard preference pane, select the Keyboard tab, and click the Modifier Keys... button. In the resulting sheet, set Caps Lock Key to No Action.

enter image description here

Then, install PCKeyboard Hack.

In the preference pane it installs, go to Caps Lock, select "Change Caps Lock", and set the key code to 48 (the key code for the tab key).

Instructions on a related question are available on Stack Overflow.

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