I have a scenario where multiple clients access the same NFS share, where they work with inDesign, Photoshop and such. They have problems with files and dirs going read-only (not in Terminal, though), and I have found the reason to be locks/extended attributes/resource forks. Over samba, it seem to work fine for them all, although they're not happy with the speed we've managed to squeeze out of the samba setup.

How do you manage scenarios like this? What are my options? Would a OS X NFS server not have the clients suffering from the same problem?

Linux 2.6 NFS, tried mounting with "nonamedattr", "noacl" etc. Server forces uid and gid. Clients are OS X 10.6.


Adobe.com states exactly the same problems (locks, long delays/pausing, intermittent by nature) as we're experiencing.


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I've never used NFS for real file shares, but a friend recommended NFSManager for enabling NFS options on your Mac clients.

You could also try building netatalk to enable a native AFP share on the Linux server, which would certainly make your CS users much happier. Adobe doesn't officially support opening and saving files over any network sharing protocols, although my users seem to have no problem when using Bridge to open directly off an OS X Server afp volume.

  • I'll consider your answer as correct. It's simply not supported by Adobe. Will give netatalk a shot, but I don't have too high hopes.
    – 3molo
    Jun 5, 2012 at 6:46
  • Don't forget to post a follow-up with your experiences, I'd honestly like to know how this one turns out.
    – da4
    Jun 6, 2012 at 15:23

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