I have an automator action that downloads file from our server. Easy enough to setup but can't quite sort out how to set it so it will operate automatically at a certain time everyday. Tried hooking it with iCal but that didn't seem to work. Any assistance or pointing in the right direction is appreciated


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You can save an automator workflow as a Plugin, and it becomes an actual alarm action available in iCal.

Here's a doc for an older version of Automator. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Automator/1.0/en/ensm2063.html

In Snow Leopard/Lion, when you create a new Automator event you can choose "iCal Alarm"


Well -- figured this one out! Overlooked that you could set iCal to open a file at a certain time. Set it to open up the Automator action *works perfectly!. Even when iCal isn't open. –

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