When my wife's 2012 macbook pro is doing it's photostream sync, it slows my internet connection to a crawl and gives me 500+ pings in various video games.

If I knew the ports that Photostream uses, I could set up a QOS rule on my DD-WRT router- what ports does it use?

Another possible solution, is there a setting in IPhoto or the photostream agent to tell it to stop using all available bandwidth to sync?



It uses port 443.

It is the default port for HTTPS, though, so it will affect a lot of other applications and services other than PhotoStream.

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    Well that's unfortunate. I've added QOS rules to boost priority for games where I'm seeing issues, but this is a tedious work-around. I have no idea how apple thinks that using all available bandwidth (and not providing options to alter this behavior) for something as low priority as photo-syncing is good network citizenship. – tom.dietrich May 14 '12 at 11:47

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