I'm trying to make a book with iBooks Author on my Mac by customizing the "Contemporary" template. When I switch the view mode from landscape to portrait, the section title color is red - I want it green!

Since I can edit the section title in landscape mode I can't understand why I'm not able to edit its color as well.

Am I missing something?

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The layouts easily editable when using the graphical interface of iBooks Author.

Close any documents you may have open to avoid confusion and then open a new document from the template chooser. Start with a template you like and …

  • View menu -> Show Layouts
  • make your changes to fonts, colors, layout, etc… on each type of page, working your way down the list.
  • File menu -> Save as Template…

At that point, save it in the default location and when you start a new document, you can choose your custom layout for starting a new book.

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