I've developed an iPhone app for the company I work for. At the moment there is no need to update or bring out any new apps. So I thought I could let my apple developer license expire and extend the license when we need it again.

But now I've got a message from apple saying "The status for the following app has changed to Pending Contract." while it was perviously "approved" or something like that.

Is my app gonna be removed from the store with this status?

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From this Apple FAQ :

What happens if I do not renew my iOS Developer Program membership?

Once your membership expires, your apps will no longer be available on the App Store and you will lose the ability to submit new apps. You will lose access to pre-release software, the Apple Developer Forums, Developer Technical Support, and the Certificate Utility. In addition, your existing iOS Distribution certificates will be revoked and invalidated. Finally, if you enrolled in the program as a company, you will lose the ability to manage your development team.

You will, however, retain your status as a Registered Apple Developer and will have access to free development resources.

In order to conserve your app on the AppStore, you must renew your iOS Developer Program.

Hope this helps !

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