Is there any way to use the Mac App Store without the administrator password? IE change it to install the app at ~/Applications instead of /Applications?


According to one poster in an Apple discussion forum, this may be possible in Lion:

This is possible with Lion.

There is a _appstore group. All the users that are in this group are allowed to install applications from the Mac App Store. You can add a user to this group with the workgroup manager (install server admin tool first). Or by typing in this command on the terminal.

dseditgroup -o edit -a shortusername -t user _appstore

Unfortunately, this approach won't work in Snow Leopard or earlier versions of OS X. There also doesn't seem to be an option to install apps in a directory other than /Applications.

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    OK. I'm on 10.6, and while the admins don't care about apps being installed, they don't like typing in the password for anything non-crucial. So, I guess I'm out of luck. – tkbx May 11 '12 at 16:13

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