I am unable to ping outside of my mac from the Terminal, and yet the internet connection (as seen from Safari) is otherwise just fine.

Where do I start to debug this issue?


Your Mac is probably behind a proxy. This article explains how to configure proxy settings on your Mac. If you are behind a proxy, then you probably will not be able to get ping to work.

Otherwise, the first step to troubleshooting a connectivity issue when Safari is working is to use traceroute to some well-maintained destination. I typically use google.com.

traceroute google.com

If you get the error unknown host google.com then you have a DNS problem. Otherwise traceroute should provide you with information that helps you pinpoint the problem.

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  • In this case specifying the host ('traceroute -p port host') is helpful. – Calaf Aug 6 '12 at 15:56

I recently dealt with a similar issue you its possible that something is blocking your ping requests. You should try to restart your modem and router (power cycle). This worked in my scenario.

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