Adobe Acrobat plugin 9.4.0 has File | Attach to Email ..., but selecting it yields the following:

The SendMail doesn't know how to talk to your default mail client. Please select a different mail application to use.

How does the user select which mail application for SendMail to use, and which mail applications does SendMail know how to use?


I believe it looks to see which is your default mail app. I also think that it will pretty much only work with Mail.app. If you go into Mail.app, check which is the default email app (and re-set it, if required) on the Preferences -> General screen. I bet setting it to Mail will fix your problem.

  • That was it! My default email had been set to a web-mail's notifier. Changing it to Mail made Acrobat happy. Dec 18 '10 at 22:34

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