I tried to find some files in a network volume mounted in OS X Lion over SMB using Spotlight. Didn't work.

But, when I tried the same search from OS X Snow Leopard it worked perfectly.

What do I need to perform this kind of search? Something to be enabled with the "defaults" command in the CLI?


You have to tell Spotlight to index the volume so you can find the files on it.

Open Terminal and issues the command:

sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/<name of the network_volume you want SL to index>

This command should work in every version of macOS from Snow Lion up to El Capitan


You might want to try the free app EasyFind, available from DEVONtechnologies or the App Store.

I tried to insert some screen shots for you but I'm too much of a newbie. :-)

It works just fine on Lion. We've been using it at our school as a Spotlight replacement for the past few years and it has been fully tested for our Lion rollout this summer.

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