I'm writing a thesis in LaTeX with TextMate. I want very simple, very automated version control. Nothing complicated! Just, every time I save, a new version is created so that I can easily go back in time and look at previous versions. Lion's "Versions" feature is perfect for me but doesn't work with TextMate.

Is there a plugin I could use to get this to work? Alternatively, is there a different form of version control that's super easy to use?

I realise TeXShop now has Versions support (courtesy of this question Which text editors take advantage of Lion's Versions feature?), but I'd rather stick with TextMate if at all possible.

  • As a brief update, TextMate is now open source — if you're really keen for it to support Versions, you could try adding it yourself (though I expect it will take a lot of work). I'm not sure how the main developer will feel about that, though.
    – jtbandes
    Oct 7, 2012 at 19:58

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Scouring the TextMate community and community plugins doesn't show that this feature is currently available in TextMate. This blog post states that they're "holding back with 'lionizing' TextMate till we feel confident we can fully drop backwards compatibility".

You're not alone though, the community seems to be very interested in this feature.

I don't have experience with this plugin, but the community seems to enjoy the ProjectPlus plugin.

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