Skype works fine when I launch it on my Login. When I switch to the Guest login, though, Skype launches but does not connect after 90 seconds. Does it eventually connect if I give it more time, or is there some architectural obstacle that prevents using it as Guest?


You say that you 'switch' to the Guest login. Are you using fast user switching and leaving Skype running on your other account? It may not be a problem with the Guest account, but with trying to run multiple instances of Skype on the same machine.

  • Yes, I mean fast user switching. I am not running Skype deliberately in my primary account, but perhaps it is using some resource behind the scenes, doing a background login or some such. Dec 18 '10 at 22:29
  • 1
    I can run skype in my main admin login, and my guest login happily - but that's on 10.6.5 and the skype 5 beta - maybe upgrading to the skype beta would fix it?
    – glenstorey
    Dec 20 '10 at 6:36
  • @glenstorey, I will try again now that 10.6.8 is out. Jun 25 '11 at 19:22
  • It may depend on your firewall settings. I know from experience that Skype will bind to port 80 if that is the only path through the firewall -- it can't do this on two separate user accounts. Presumably it will work on two separate accounts if it can bind to different ports.
    – g .
    Jun 25 '11 at 22:22

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