I have two Apple 24" LED Cinema Displays and a mid-2010 17" MacBook Pro. I've used one display with the computer for a long time, but recently acquired the second display.

Given that I have these two monitors, what are my realistic options for using both with the same MacBook Pro? What is the current state of multi-monitor support? Moving to a Thunderbolt display is not an option.


I've looked into this in the past, and from what I know, you have a few options:

  1. I'd never really recommend it, you can get a usb adaptor that essentially adds another display port to your computer. Make sure the one you pick is Mac compatible - there are some that exist.

  2. DualHead2Go is an interesting product that emulates a single double-wide monitor to your computer. There are some catches:

    • There is a maximum resolution the device supports
    • It works best if the monitors are the same dimensions and resolution
    • It's currently ~$230
    • The computer doesn't see the monitors separately, which means that when you configure/use it, it will act accordingly. If you put the menubar on the external 'monitor,' it will stretch across both; maximized windows will be two monitors wide etc.
  3. I can't find anything to back it up at the moment, but at one point I do believe I saw an ExpressPort/34 video card or a breakout box for a PCI card. The only thing I can find now is XGP, but I'm near certain I saw a Mac-specific solution at one point.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks. If you're not on a tight budget and your monitors will work for it, I'd recommend the DualHead2Go.

  • There's a Magma ExpressBox PCIe breakout box and ExpressPort solution available, but I was not familiar with AMD's solution. – ewwhite Apr 30 '12 at 15:09
  • ewwhite, you should consider adding your comment as a solution. – MrDaniel Apr 30 '12 at 15:50

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