I'm experiencing the problems described here, basically the trackpad has spurts of spurious input, but the problems are fairly intermittent. I've kept the system usable by deactivating many non-critical gestures, like zooming, three finger drag, etc.

Are there any visualization or tuning tools for the Mac Book Air's trackpad? It'd be useful to simply get a graphical record of the trackpad's input over a period when it was miss-behaving.

Are there any such tools under Linux if not under Mac OS X?


To be able to see what your trackpad "sees", you can use FingerMgmt.

As for your problem, do you have tap-to-click on? If so, does turning it off solve the problem?

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  • I'm trying that now since finding the thread I linked. An Apple tech suggested switching hands and resting one on one side of the case, suggested there is a ground connecter there that occasionally comes loose. Thanks! – Jeff Burdges Apr 25 '12 at 18:30
  • Interestingly, FingerMgmt has ocasional crashes when running under the Trackpad, but not under Magic Mouse. If it's actually related, maybe that'll give some information. Thanks again! – Jeff Burdges Apr 25 '12 at 20:35

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